From The Garden: Parsley Hair Tonic

Back when I was in my early twenties, I couldn’t always afford expensive hair and beauty products. At one stage I got into making my own products to try and cut costs. Although I quickly moved on from DIY products, one remedy has stuck with me to this day. Whenever my hair is looking a bit tired or my scalp is feeling a bit irritated, I make my Parsley Hair Tonic and in the time it takes for me to hit the blender and hop in the bath with a glass of wine. I’m well on my way to the hair that hair care adverts have always promised us, but never come through with.

This remedy is actually so good I once had both my housemate hooked on it after begging me for what product I used. At first I thought they would think I was insane. They were not the natural remedy type, more, the cupboard full of product type. I will say I found it quite all quite amusing, especially when I had dark hair and had no Idea how it would go on blonde hair.

This treatment is about as cheap as they come. Most people have some curly leaf parsley in the garden, and for those that have to buy it or can’t access it from a friends garden, it’s a very cheap herb to buy. But I will point out it costs about the same to buy a plant as it does to buy a bunch.

1: First go out to the herb garden (or supermarket) and take about a cups worth of parsley leaves. A few stalks are fine but not too much. Finely cut the parsley and put it in a blender with 2-3 table spoons of water and blend it to a paste.

2: Now the messy bit! Smooth the paste through your hair and rub into the scalp. Either put a shower cap over your hair or wrap cling wrap around you head to seal it all in.

3: After an hour jump into the shower and wash your hair as normal.

Easy and Costs nothing if you already have it in the garden. Sometimes I might add some Almond Oil or some fresh Aloe Vera (peel the skin away) to moisturise my scalp.

  • While this remedy is as natural as can be, please test it on your skin first. I am not responsible if you have any problems. As far as he green staining your hair, while I have dark hair and have had no problems and I have blonde friends who have been fine (luckily) it’s probably best to test it on a lock of hair first.

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