TOMATOES: I can’t help myself!

Every year I plant a variety of Heirloom tomatoes and enjoy a summer of yummy fresh tomatoes with an amazing array of flavours. Each year I attempt to grow a smaller variety of my very favourites and then try a few new ones to keep it interesting. This year I culled my selection down to just fourteen. I seem to have ended up miscounting or something, because I have ended up with 23 types of tomatoes. This does not include the ones that pop up out of the soil and compost from last year’s crops, forming mongrel bred varieties. I like to let a few grow just to see what I end up with.
TOMATO VARIETIES: Black Russian, Purple Russian, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Roma, San Marzano, Rams Horn, Burnley Bounty, Mortgage lifter, Money Maker, Conderosa Red, Mayan Indian and Pineapple.
CHERRIES: Green Grape, Pink Bumblebee, Honey Grape, Mini Amish, Tiny Tim, Lemon Currant, Sweetie, Black Cherry, Thai Pink Egg and Wapsipinicon Peach.

I’m really excited about my choices this year. I can’t wait to be eating colorful tomato salad, making my own sauces and chutneys. Many of my tomatoes will also end up in my Mums café, served as Bruschetta. Colourful fresh Heirloom tomatoes on garlic infused loaf, with my own basil and some quality fetta.  Yum!!!!!!!

My Favourite tomato is the Black Russian but I am always happy to find a challenger. Still there is nothing better than sliced BR on toast with cheese and basil. Yum!! Also I have become very fond of my Green Zebra’s. Last year I grew it in anew plot and it was like the vines were on steroids. We had a massive crop out of just eight plants. We found that stewed down they made the most amazing sauce base for curry and Burrito’s. Then there is the ever faithful Roma. A fantastic eating and saucing tomato. This is making me really hungry right now.

So, yes I only intended to grow 14 varieties and ended up with 23. The thing is I can’t help myself. I am always worrying that I won’t have enough and realistically, I always end up with too much and with my health being beaten by the hot weather, I really can’t keep up. But I Love it. I love growing my plants as much as I do eating the produce.

The reason I went past my 14 varieties was that our local Supported Employment Service, Grandma’s Pantry grow and sell heirlooms and sell them as part of their fundraising. The seeds all come from The Diggers Club. I find it’s a great way to try new varieties and for just Two Dollars I get a Punnet with up to 4 seedlings that are around 30cm high. How could I pass that up each time I find myself detouring past their shop? I can’t help myself really. I got my Purple Russian, Ponderosa Red, Mayan Indian, Green Grape, Pink Bumblebee, Mini Amish and Wapsipinicon Peach from this great organisation. It’s all for research, really. Some might make it to the first list next year. You never know. Lol. Ok, I’m a sucker for my tomatoes.

I have just picked my first tomato for the summer. A Black Russian as well and there is more following and I’m excited. What Varieties are you growing this year?

Happy Gardening. xx

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