Grapes: Growing Cabernet Sauvignon from cuttings

I love Red Wine! Enough said really.

I don’t drink much these days and I do miss having a glass of wine in the evening. I have to be careful with what I drink, wines with sulphur don’t agree with me and since my health issues I just don’t drink as much.  I live in a wine region called the Limestone Coast in South Australia and we make great wine. So it made sense to me, to have a go at growing my own vines seeing as I have the room and some of the knowhow through my own and families time working in local vineyards.

I’m a big fan of Cabernet Sauvignon. Made well it is stunning. Made badly it’s a shocker. Luckily I have seen the good side of this grape and fallen for it. I have also had the pleasure of tasting the fruit fresh off of the vine and WOW it is good. Over winter my brother was working in our area driving machinery to prune the vines and I asked him to get me a few canes so I could try and get at least one to take.

He kindly came home with seven canes and I stuck them all into a pot and kept them well watered and SURPRISE…. They all took off and grew a good root system and then we had bud burst and they were off. So I went from wanting just one vine to go next to the white table grape we grow, to having a trellis put up and putting all seven into the ground. So now I am thinking of making a little of my own wine or just a non-alcoholic version. Why not have a go if I can. I would also like to try making Apple Cider this year, but that’s another story.

I planted each baby vine into a heap of sheep manure compost and then mulched with bean straw. The soil around the compost isn’t great. It’s more sand than soil and does not wet easy. So we will have to work on the area over time. Hopefully the roots will get down into the better soil in no time and tap into the same good ground that grows the wines that this area is known for. In a month or two when the roots take and make the plant more secure, I will start training the plant. First I will “top tie” it by running a string from the top of the cane to the first wire, then hopefully this season it will grow up the string to the wire. If so, next year I will hopefully be able to wrap the new canes to the first wire and so on. We are going for a three trellis system.

I will post as I progress with my vines. Like everything in my garden, the project has grown in size since my original idea. But, if I can get some good grapes I will be happy. It keeps it interesting anyway. Lol

Happy Gardening. xx


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